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Rigney- 2016 -  the on slaught- etching, emboss, watercolor
Rigney- 2016- #justmorenoise - etching copy
Rigney- 2016- paper relationships- etching, watercolor copy
Rigney- 2016- yesterday's rainbow- etching, emboss, hand color copy
Rigney - Untitled
Rigney - abandoned
Rigney - floating dreams
Rigney -finish as usual
Rigney- addiction, 10cm x 10cm, etching copy.jpg
Rigney- between, 10cm x 10 cm, etching copy.jpg
Rigney- for the love of it, 10cm x 10 cm, etching copy.jpg
Rigney- down and out combination, 10cm x 10 cm etching copy.jpg
Rigney- our commercial value, 10cm x 10cm, etching copy.jpg
Rigney- take a risk, 10cm x 10cm, etching.jpg
Rigney- the price of sleep, 10cm x 10cm, ethcing copy.jpg
Rigney- 2016- mothers little helper- etching, emboss, gilding copy
Rigney- 2016- a glimps- etching copy
Rigney- lifes a shell game, 10cm x 10cm,etching copy.jpg
Rigney- all the barry white I could handle, 22.5cm x 32.5cm, ethcing copy.jpg
Rigney - float
Rigney- mothers Disneyland- etching, emboss


The loose category of works on paper includes everything from prints to drawings, watercolors, gouaches and anything else that can find its way onto the surface.  The aim is to create a graphically compelling work which warrants longer consideration.  Just as with the paintings, these works are developed over time. 


© 2018 Rigney.                       museum quality, nothing less.             (+1)  919. 444. 1150

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