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Rigney-Dunce cap
Rigney - Falling away
Rigney - final cut
Rigney - moment of innocence 5'x8' copy.jpg
Rigney - fated
Rigney -fehlgeburt
Rigney - throw the hoops of approval.jpg
Rigney- fading memories.jpg
Rigney - Bleeding silver
Rigney -its all cigs and rainbows
Three boring fags and an old bag
Rigney - half full? empty?
Rigney - spanish lemons
Rigney -  flowing through
Rigney - needle
Rigney - invisible string
Rigney - slipping thru
Rigney - Dreams in a bottle


While I could talk about intricacies of using hand-ground pigments, French and Spanish brushes, Belgian oil-primed linen, gilding with acid dyed silvers and a myriad of techniques alongside art theory, it's not what is important .  The approach is simple, time. Time for the ideas and work to develop.  Selecting, eliminating, scraping, repainting, and rearranging the pieces in order to bring out the undistracted essence of the work. In many instances this is over the course of months or even years. 


© 2018 Rigney.                       museum quality, nothing less.             (+1)  919. 444. 1150               

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